The Velocyt®

A revolution in 3D multicellular model system analysis with high analytical throughput, enabling greater biological insight at an unheard of scale.

This Changes Everything


Volumetric sample delivery rates 100x faster than a traditional methods and analysis rates that are 10x to 100x faster depending on particle size.


Analyzes sample volumes from microliters to milliliters; particles from single cell to intact 3D structures with return of undiluted, intact sample for further analysis.

Improved Workflows

Simplifies and shortens workflow by eliminating washing and enrichment steps.


Provides gentle processing that preserves sample physiology and viability so you can get more from your samples.

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Life Science Webinars _ Corning

Watch BennuBio President and CEO, John O'Rourke, give a talk on a simplified approach for rapid analysis of thousands of intact spheroids using the Velocyt® LP Large Particle Flow Cytometer as part of a collaboration with Corning.

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News and Events

World Organoid Research Day 2024

May 21, 2024

Imagine the possibilities for your 3D research, using the imaging power of microscopy, with speed and versatility of flow cytometry. Introducing: The Velocyt® Check out our CEO, John O’Rourke, speaking at WORD 2024

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SLAS 2023

March 2, 2023

 Come by the Corning® Tutorial at SLAS 2023 on February 27th to hear how BennuBio couples Corning® Elplasia® 3D culture technology with the Velocyt® LP cytometer to easily image hundreds to thousands of intact homogeneous spheroids for a variety of applications. Oh, by the way, you also can recover all your spheroids, intact and unadulterated, after acquisition by the Velocyt cytometer for…

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BennuBio Receives SLAS 2022 Ignite Award

February 27, 2022

BennuBio announced it received the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) prestigious Ignite award at SLAS’s annual International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, MA on February 9, 2022. The SLAS Ignite Award recognizes the best start-up or emerging company exhibiting within Innovation AveNEW, a specially designated area for start-ups and emerging companies within the SLAS International Conference and Exhibition. Seventeen…

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